• It contains

    WEGG is a container of wine bottles

  • Gift

    WEGG is a refined design object, an exclusive gift for special occasions

  • It cools

    Thanks to its innovative cooling kit containing reusable jelly, WEGG is also able to cool bottles

  • It lasts

    Special insulation system allows WEGG to keep the temperature constant for hours.

Here are some of its features

Essential design

Our product represents the originality of the essentials thanks to the study of forms.

Innovative product

Thanks to its innovative cooling system with reusable gel bags, WEGG is able to cool the bottles, avoiding the use of ice and the waste of water

Beautiful finishing

Our product are manufactured with high quality materials and with the utmost care for the aesthetic finishing


WEGG can be personalized with the silkscreen of your logo or slogan

Premium Service

You can order our products directly from this link: choose colors and finishes, for a unique customization!

Environmental sustainability

WEGG respects the environment by using recyclable materials

Download Presentation - Use Manual

Share your doubts and drop us a question! Here are some of the most frequent

  1. Why buy Wegg?
    Wegg represents the perfect combination of design, efficiency and practicality: not usual wine cooler
  2. What are the advantages represented by Wegg?
    Wegg is environmental friendly because they don’t use water or ice.
  3. Can I customize Wegg with my own logo or graphic?
    Yes, it is possible to request a graphic customization for a minimum order.
  4. Can I use it with all the bottles of wine?
    WEGG, thanks to its sophisticated shape, can host different forms of bottles from the Bordeaux to the Champagne type (up to 105 mm diameter allowed)